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Sitting here watching Blizzcon, and...

...y'know, the next expansion is all Varian Wrynn's fault.

But Mel! I hear you say. Surely it's Garrosh's fault? Or the fault of the mysterious not-yet-revealed character who's helping him?

Nope. Thrall was about to finish Garrosh off and Varian stopped him. "He is not only yours to punish"? Please. So long as he gets punished (i.e. dead) why does it matter whose hand wields the hammer? It's not like there's any doubt that he's guilty, so the only reason for Varian to demand he be held for trial is so that he can flex his kingly might, posture a bit, and show off. Varian wants a show trial to boost his ego and popularity, distract the human population from the continuing mess in Westfall and Stormwind (dude still hasn't rebuilt his capital city and the peasants are starving, but that new huge statue of him is looking fiiiiine), and keep him in his place as warleader for the Alliance over the other racial leaders. If he's the one who 'brings Garrosh to justice' then clearly he's still the right person to be in charge!

Except not, because Garrosh gets away and starts a whole new mess. Soooooo... yeah. All Varian's fault, AS USUAL.

(Seriously, Anduin, a quiet palace revolution would go down very nicely right now. I'm just sayin'.)
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Since a few people have been amused by this story, here! I shall share it with you. :3

I was in Bunnings recently (awesome chain hardware/tools/garden store) waiting for hubby to return, and a staff member asked if he could help me... then noticed my Blizzard bag, which has pictures of Kerrigan, Diablo, and Deathwing on it.

Him: "Oh, cool. Starcraft, Warcraft, or Diablo III?"
Me: "Huh? Oh! Heh, World of Warcraft and Diablo."
Him: "Cool! Warcraft yeeeeeah." :D
Me: "For the Horde!"
Him: "Ooh. Alliance."

Then he walked off, snickering, as I pointed accusingly at him and yelled "GNOME COOTIES!" In public.

...It seemed like the thing to do at the time. XD (I'm bi-factional, but the Horde will always be my true home!)
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My assortment of level 85 toons (previously listed here) have been joined by Valentinian , my first max level Ally ever! (Pictured in his spiffy new gear courtesy of [ profile] norcumi and his purple transmog set, ooo baby. ;P)

That makes seven 85s for me to be completely bewildered by after the patch tonight. XD
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DUDE. OMG. DUDE. I WANT THIS. I want this flying kitty transform mount SO BAD.

...Anyone out there want a Refer-a-Friend invitation to World of Warcraft? Pleeeeease?
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You know they have 'em. Evil and warped senses of humour. For example, there's me (currently Valentinian, human male fire mage - remember that description, 'kay?) running around the Dragonblight in World of Warcraft, doing quests. As you do. And as you do, I toddle across to the Black Dragonshrine to help out a dragon named Serinar, partly because he'll give me shinies, gold and XP, and partly because his friend at Wyrmrest Temple looked like she'd snack on me if I said no.

One of Serinar's quests involves magically disguising me as one of the cultists currently infesting the shrine, so that I can sneak into the inner chambers and observe their evil plans. Makes sense, right? Well, what doesn't make sense is how the disguise turns out. :P

Cut for piccies! )


Apr. 14th, 2012 11:12 pm
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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta (installed and running): Check.

Diablo III beta (installed and running): Check.

Two! TWO betas! Aaaa-hahahahahahhaaaaaaa~!!!!!




Tatewaki Kuno moment: I shall play them BOTH!!!!!
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4th April: read email. "You're invited!" YES! *fistpump* "Australia Roadshow 2012" wait, what? ...a software expo for Corel? *mutter grumble swear delete*

Nearly Midnight, 5th April: read email. "World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Beta Test Invitation" YES!!! *cautiously refrains from fistpump, goes to account page to confirm, fistpump!* Woohoo! *clicky clicky* Man... download's gonna take a while. O_o;;

6th April: *stares at load bar*

Late 6th April: *crash!* *swear*

Later 6th April: "Failure to read necessary file" *crash* *swear*

[Repeat previous step several times]

Really Late 6th April: *gives up, posts on beta forums* ...wot... this is common?! *swears*

7th April: *pokes despondently at--* wait, they patched! *goes back to staring at load bar*

8th April: *stares at load bar some more* Would hubby REALLY mind if I skipped out on going to the footy with him? It's nearly done... yeah, he'd mind. *goes to footy*

Late 8th April: *returns from footy* WOOO BETA!!!!! *click* EEEEEE PANDAS!!!!! *clicky clicky clicky* YAY LEVEL TWO PANDA!!!!! *clicky... clicky? click-clicky click?* Um... this quest is bugged and I can't progress without handing it in. *looks at giant crowd of pandas in the same boat*

Later 8th April: *clicky clicky* *creates Blood Elf monk* EEEEEEE NON-PANDA MONK!!!!! *clicky clicky clicky* YAY LEVEL EIGHT MONK!!!!! *clicky... clicky? click-clicky click?* ...Huh. So. ALL gathering quests are bugged, anything that requires something to spawn is bugged, various quests that require NPCs to move are bugged...

9th April: *logs onto beta, stares at mob of pandas still stuck at Level 2 and the non-spawning scroll* *logs out of beta*

Slightly Later 9th April: *logs onto main game, picks mount collector toon* WOOO SQUAWKY BIRD MOUNT!!!!! *CLICKY CLICKY CLICKY CLICKY CHOCOLATE CLICKY CLICKY*

...Yeah. Until I pull up the beta launcher and it runs another patch, I'm not bothering. XD Pandas are cute, male pandas have the world's most hilarious sleep pose, annnnd... I can't tell much else at the moment. :P
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Tagged by Jo!

1. Go to page 77 (or 7, or just hit pagedown 7 times) of your current ms.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.
4. Ignore the fourth line because most of the authors I know online have already done this. XD Anyone who wants to, consider yourself tagged. :)

And of course there's the question, which one counts as my current manuscript? O_o;; Perhaps I should do all of... no, no, if I do this with all my things-in-progress it'll be a post and a half. Two posts. Insane, anyway. Here, you get stuff kind of at random, then, including a fic or two I haven't posted on my LJ before. :P


WM Chapter 25:
Synopsis: c'mon, you know this one. :D

"...I'm checking the closet."

Trowa had been right. It was the least-- hm. ‘Offensive’ wasn’t quite the right word, Heero decided, glaring at the rest of the outfits; none of them were exactly offensive, really. The ones that incorporated lace into their designs came close... Ah. That’s the word I want. It’s the least infuriating choice available.


The Original Thing:
Synopsis: Er... everyone needs to try to write a fantasy novel, right?

Arn laughed, a short mirthless bark, and lifted his stump slightly. "Too late; their favourite warning's already come true." Packrat winced, but didn't leave, and after a moment he managed a thin smile. "It's not like I was getting any rest in there. When they weren't yellin' at me, I was wondering what new use-name I'm gonna get stuck with. Arn the Arm? Lefty?"

"At least you were left-handed already," she offered. If he was determined to verbally poke at his own fresh wound, she wasn't going to try shielding him.


Cats & Dogs:
Synopsis: Ryouga meets Inuyasha's big brother, at a point where Fluffy-sama is having a bad few hundred years.

So... I try not to rub it in, without being too obvious about it.

Yeah. Right. Like I’ve ever managed tact in my life!


I’m disgusting, Sesshoumaru thought, feeling his skin crawl as he realised just how dirty he was. I stink. I probably smell bad enough that even a nose-blind human can tell, and even if I don’t, he only has to look at me to see the wretched state I’m in!


Chibi Evil:
Synopsis: All Dogmatix's fault, like so many of my other fics. ;) Inuyasha meets Detective Conan meets Weiss Kreuz.

They’d fought Naraku in the mountains, in youkai-haunted territory, far from anywhere humans would go without a damn good reason. There hadn’t been a human village for miles, let alone a city. There definitely hadn’t been a city like the one that filled the whole valley, lapping up the hills in waves of bricks and wood, glowing with light and buzzing with sound even from this distance...


Viridan and Hathmelor (Interlude):
Synopsis: World of Warcraft. A blood elf and a worgen meet and become friends. Together they fight crime the Scourge! (And their so-called allies, sometimes...)

"Oh, for--" Hath pushed her away and flopped back onto the camp bed, blade-bearing hand draping across his eyes. "Look. Go talk to Commander Korfax and ask him to tell you about the birds, the bees, the whips, the chains, and the lizards, all right? He--"

"The what?!"

"You heard me. He can explain it to you; it's his damn job to keep us all alive, including stopping us from killing each other."


And just this once, I'm suspending the "no nagging" rule. Feel free to poke me in the comments if you want to see any one of these actually finished sometime soon, n'kay? ;)
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The other night, while levelling a toon through the Alliance side of Howling Fjord, I whispered a friend and told him that Allies get the better quests. I mean, none of my Horde toons ever got to sic a trained hawk on turkeys.

Today, on a different Ally toon, still in Westfall, I got proof that while Allies may get fun quests, they also get dumb NPCs.

Hey, Mama Celeste? I got those coyote tails and piles of dirt you wanted. You're planning to bake a pie? Really? 'Cause the coyotes have meat, too, I got some of that, d'you want-- no? Okay. Coyote meat isn't to everyone's taste, I guess. Still, there's these pigs out here too, they have some pretty tasty-- no? Uh-huh. How about eggs from the-- no?

Just dirt and coyote tails, huh?

Oooooh-kay. You have fun, there. No, really, I'm fine, you can keep my share of the pie.
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Norcumi and I have got it allll figured out. We're not the first to come up with some parts of this idea, but I think we've refined it nicely. >:3

You see, the main problem with the Horde and Alliance in World of Warcraft is, basically, Varian Wrynn and Garrosh Hellscream suck. Varian is a trigger-tempered racist who has had a huge statue of himself built in Stormwind while a quarter of the city still lies in ruins and Westfall is full of starving refugees. Garrosh is a trigger-tempered racist who sort-of-accidentally killed one of the most respected Horde racial leaders, considers non-orcs unworthy to live in Orgrimmar, and is a complete military idiot. (Play through the starter quests for Twilight Highlands if you don't believe me.)

So we were playing WoW one day, chatting back and forth as I ran around playing my new human mage Valentinian. His personality is kind of dark and cynical, and something I said 'in character' sparked off this conversation:

Cut to save your friends lists and to hide some, ahem, rude ideas. And ninja pandas. )
melredcap: Cute chibi sketch of me by Asuka (Default) [ profile] norcumi! Six level 85 toons. XD

Imhotess (Undead priest, shadow/disc, it's pronounced like "Imhotep" not "I'm Hot", honestly...)
Caleanon (Blood Elf hunter, BM)
Melblackcap (Undead mage, frost/arcane)
Melevil (Blood Elf DK, unholy)
Melholy (Blood Elf paladin, prot/ret)

and now, as of yesterday, Ghoulette (Blood Elf hunter, BM/skinning spec :P).

Time to work on the warlock and the second mage, methinks, one of which is another Blood Elf. Why yes, I do like Blood Elves and undead. And BM hunters. And female toons, too; out of this lot, only Cal is male, though I have a ton of male alts. :3
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[insert about five minutes of Mel swearing at the invisible baby crocodiles constantly nomming her level 84 hunter to DEATH]


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...players with photosensitive epilepsy or migraines could use some love.

N'kay, WoW-playing peeps, I have a thread on the community forums here:

I would really appreciate it if people took a moment to go comment on the thread, bump it up on the forum and generally agree that a video setting in World of Warcraft that cuts down on flashing special effects would be a Good Thing for Blizzard to work on. I have a friend/guildmate who is going to quit the game because she has epilepsy and virtually every heroic dungeon triggers her seizures. This will be a serious loss to her as a lot of her friends are in guild and it's really easy for her to keep in touch etc through in-game chat and Vent.

There's already a setting for colour-blind players! It's gotta be doable!
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...don't much like the woman the broadcasters have wandering around the floor talking to people (whatever her name is, Adrian or something), but eh. PANDAREN MONKS!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD

*goes back to watching Blizzcon*
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Once upon a time there was guild fic, by [ profile] norcumi.

Then I wrote a sequel, "Mel and Caleanon Play With Allies".

And [ profile] norcumi wrote a sequel to the sequel, about "The Problem with Drinking to Forget".

...Then there were further consequences, and we got to The Pet-ernity Suit. XD

(This little bit of ficcage was also inspired by Cal's new pet, this ravager - the only one of this colour in game. I was chatting online to [ profile] norcumi, and she muttered something about getting plunnied by thoughts of how you would get a ravager that colour, the only one in the whole world(s). And then I realised how similar the green and blue of the ravager was to the green and blue phases of one of Cal's other pets, the crab that featured in my first venture into this storyline...)

Pet-ernity Suit )
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I'd like to take you now on wings of song, as it were, and try and help you (and me!) forget perhaps for a while that World of Warcraft is in unscheduled maintenance. Here's a song all about spring-time in general, and in particular, about one of the many delightful pastimes the coming of spring affords all we WoW addicts.

Spring is here, spring is here!
Life is skittles and life is beer.
I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring!
I do, don't you? 'Course you do.
But there's one thing that makes spring complete for me
And makes every Sunday a treat for me!

All of WoW seems in tune
On a spring afternoon
When we're murdering murlocs in the marsh!
Every Sunday you'll see
My voidwalker and me
As we murder the murlocs in the marsh!

When they see us coming, the murlocs all try and hide
But they still attack warlocks with imps out at their side
The sun's shining bright,
Everything seems all right
When we're murdering murlocs in the marsh!
La laaaa, doo de doo da da doo de dooooo, dum de dum…

We've gained notoriety
And caused some anxiety
In DEHTA's society
With our games.
They call it impiety
And lack of propriety
And quite a variety
Of unpleasant names!
But we're not killing beasts in the Tundra,
So they'll let us cleave murlocs asunder!
(Plus one must murder things as a warlock,
And at least we're not messing with gorlocs…)

So if Sunday you're free
Why don't you come with me
And we'll murder the murlocs in the marsh!
And maybe we'll do in a kobold or two
As we murder the murlocs in the marsh!

We'll dismember them all amid laughter and merriment
Except for the few we take home to experiment! (Forsaken apothecary laughs)
My pulse, it will quicken
As each murloc's stricken
(With dots we will git 'em!)
And murder the murlocs in the marsh!

(To the tune of "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" if you really had to be told! XD)


Jul. 15th, 2011 10:32 pm
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We're doomed! We're all doomed!

I put in a bug report in World of Warcraft the other day, and just got a GM response... from Yththar.

He's out of the fic! He's coming to get me!
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Huzzah! There has been writing! And since these characters are better at elbowing the others out of the way to get my attention, I'm writing World of Warcraft ficcage. It should be understandable even by non-gamers, there's a glossary at the end for anyone who finds themselves terminally lost anyway, and I want to share... because these two have made it very clear that they're setting up shop in my head for the long term.

*ahem* There will eventually be pr0n. /facepalm

Warnings for the current part: a little language. Note to WoW aficionados: this fic takes place during Wrath of the Lich King, well before Arthas's defeat and Deathwing's little tantrum. :)

Viridan and Hathmelor

Part 1: Wherein Viridan learns to hate PUGs. )
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So! [ profile] norcumi (lovely person, [ profile] norcumi) wrote this snippet featuring some of her World of Warcraft characters (and dragging in a friend's). And it was funny! Annnnnd it got me wanting to write some more, because a couple of my characters wanted to join in, and given my current state of moderate writing-block-ness I figured any sort of writing was good writing.

So! Following on from this Friday ficlet, we have "Melevil and Caleanon Play With Allies" :P

clickie clickie )
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Oooooo. I'm a little late to the party (only found out about this last night, and the backdown was posted somewhere around 4am today my time), but this needs to be said: was a Very Very Bad Idea, Blizzard.

For anyone who is not a WoWer or has not seen this and doesn't want to click through: Blizzard have introduced RealID, which lets people you choose to friend with it see what you are doing and where you are logged on to, tagged with your real first and last name. (This instantly reduces the number of people I want to use this with to "very very few", but hey, it's still pretty cool.)

In the above post they linked to an explanation of how RealID was soon going to be mandatory for posting on any Blizzard game forums, thus putting your real first and last name out in the ether for anyone to see, connected to your toon names. Also they were hooking it up with Facebook, of all things. This was supposedly to combat trolling on the forums.

[Massive Understatement] The reaction was generally negative. [/Massive Understatement]

Before anybody panics, they've backed off:

but... yeah. Bad idea. Sure there are forums out there where you have to use your real identity to post, but they tend to be secure forums with limited membership, where you have to be logged in to read as well - not freely available to anyone who wants to look. I've been harassed online (quite a long time ago now), and that was terrifying and made me feel sick as hell, and I still knew I was safe because they didn't know my real name. The (thankfully fairly few) people posting in support of the RealID forums were saying things like "Just don't post on the forums if you don't like it" (i.e. abandon the whole forum community you may have made friends in!) or "Come on, you're overreacting, this is all worst-case scenarios" or "if you don't want your real life identity out there for everyone to see you must be a troll"... ahaha yeah no. Clearly people who had never been harassed, or stalked, or targeted for being the wrong race/sex/ethnicity/religion/orientation/younameit.

Chalk me up as someone who Did Not Like It and yet Is Not A Troll, No Really.
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