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I'm having a ton of fun so far, and I've barely made it out of the section I already played in beta. XD Here we have a few photos of things that made me laugh or squee while I was playing my wizard! (Also, I play with spoiler tags for a change :P click the links to show the pictures)

First, da wings. XD I have a collectors' edition - kind of by accident, I forgot that I'd pre-ordered one a loooong time ago - and one of the things it gives you is the ability to put Tyrael-type wings on your toons. They don't suit the barbarian, demon hunter, or witch doctor IMO, but man they suit the wizard and monk!

Second... um, Blizzard developer-type people, did you have to make the wizard's Town Portal cast pose look silly to counteract his general awesomeness? 'Cause he REALLY looks silly, and he bounces while he's doing it. XD

And third, I swear, I killed one of those retching cadaver mobs and it looks like I blew her pants off. Really! Tell me this pic DOESN'T look like her undies are down around her knees!

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Whyfore has your uploader gone missing right when I want to use you to make a (hopefully funny) post about Diablo III, the way my wizard looks, and undead underwear? Come back! All is forgiven! :(
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If you've bought the Collectors' Edition and you like being surprised as you work your way through a game, DON'T READ THE ART BOOK until you've played through at least once. It's beautiful, it's very cool to see some of the concept art for the various classes that they didn't end up using, but HOLY SPOILERS BATMAN. The first few sections just give you hints about how the main plotline is going to trend and where you'll end up travelling to, then WHAMMO! Major twist is revealed.

Me, I don't mind spoilers (usually) so my reaction was basically "...OKAY. It'll be interesting to see how THAT plays out!", but other people (i.e. Da Handsome Hubby) would be swearing a blue streak if they got a spoiler as big as the one that's in the Cinematics section. :P

In other news, whee~! Diablo III! I've already played a Barbarian through the bit the beta revealed and am cruising off into unknown territory. IS FUN YAY. XD
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All characters have been wiped. Items, gold, auctions, achievements, followers, and artisans have also been wiped, and Beta Bucks have been reset to 50.

...*sniffle* ;_; Ah, Valentinian, Anastasias, Aetius, Shirogane, Jujube, I loved you.


Apr. 14th, 2012 11:12 pm
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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta (installed and running): Check.

Diablo III beta (installed and running): Check.

Two! TWO betas! Aaaa-hahahahahahhaaaaaaa~!!!!!




Tatewaki Kuno moment: I shall play them BOTH!!!!!

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