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I threatened my sewing machine with a mattock yesterday.

It seemed to work.

In other news, whenever possible, try out a new technique on a project that you don't care about. If you care about the results, even if it goes well it's going to be wayyyyyyyyy too stressful. :P
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I've been knitting a lot over the last few days, since Hubby and I got rear-ended. My shoulders and neck are fine so long as I keep my arms and hands down, but if I try to lean forward to type / game / whatever things get ouchy, so I've been knitting while watching anime on my computer. Multitasking at its finest, and I'm getting quite a lot done...

...except when the cat tries to 'help'.

Picture cut to save your friends list from CONCENTRATED CUTENESS )
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...did you know you can do tablet weaving ON AN INKLE LOOM?

(P.S.: yes the inkle loom works but still CURSE YOOOOUUUUUUUU)
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And there will be photos later, I promise. (Also photos of the quilts I made for Christmas, now that I have my camera back from Da Parents' House. :P)

The tryout session at Canberra Potters was AWESOME fun, and I think I will indeed be going back (le sigh, resistance was futile). I definitely need more practise before I will be able to do anything with consistent results, or larger than a tea mug, but I managed to make one quite pretty little bowl thingy and that's encouragement enough for me! XD

And I can haz inkle loom! It is built! --Well, to be quite precise, something that looks a lot like an inkle loom has been built, and once I have something to use as a shuttle I will be testing to find out if it actually works. I ended up working half from some plans I found online, and half modifying them to simplify both the materials needed and the construction, so fingers crossed. :3
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I've been reading back along the archives of the knitting LJ community, and, well...

I'm not going to explain why I've linked this. I'm sure you'll be able to work it out after scrolling down juuuuuuust a little. XD
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(crossposted to [ profile] knitting)

Recipe for a grouchy Mel:

1. Be ill. (This is always a good start. Some sort of icky crud that combines stuffed-up sinuses with an oogly stomach should work.)

2. Start knitting something small and complicated. (Socks, perhaps - so much for me not really liking handknit socks, hah - something toe-up in self-patterning yarn that you really like, trying out a simple pattern.)

3. Have the cat 'help' by stealing your wool, the sock toe in progress, the wool again, a different ball of wool, one end of the circular needle, the wool again. Complicate this by being in a bunk bed (my Fortress of Solitude in my study, used when hubby is snoring or I'm ill enough to be grumpy), so that the cat can leap down to the floor and get a minute of uninterrupted scragging time with your wool before you can retrieve it. This is a great game from the cat's point of view.

4. At some point during stage 3, you're not sure when, have the cat chew through some of your wool. Don't notice this until the chewed spot is four rows down in the pattern and you're about 1/4 of the way into the sock foot.

5. Notice the chewed spot. Poke at it cautiously with one finger. Have half the sock disintegrate into yarn ramen.

6. Swear.

Recipe for a cheered-up Mel:

1. Decide you wanted to change something about the sock anyway.

2. Unravel the ramen-ed sock toe and rewind the wool, while sternly eyeing the cat who is crouched at the end of the bed looking cute. Decide she looks really cute.

3. Remember this free pattern that you wanted to try out anyway.

4. Knit the Undeserved Cat Toy...

...which looks like this. )
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I'm having fun with knitting. Lots of fun. Possibly too much fun. This includes fun thinking about patterns, plotting future projects, and looking at stuff online that I can't afford. (Don't worry, I'm not desperately trying to work out how to afford it; I'm enjoying drooling at things without feeling the need to fling money at 'em. Phew.)

Then I followed links to these: Yarn bowls and bells.


Since I haz cat, it would need to be a yarn bell. Multiple yarn bells. Pretty yarn bells. Or maybe a really big yarn bowl with a smaller one upside-down over the yarn. But as you may note from that website, she's really reluctant to ship overseas (not to mention oh my god that would COST) because, yeah, fragile. Further searching turns up nothing of the sort here in Australia.

...So I started plotting to visit the Canberra Potters' Society to buy a try-it-out session and make some of my own. And suddenly my brain started reeling off all these ideas about hey you were considering an Etsy store to sell quilts and quilt patterns anyway WHY NOT YARN BELLS AS WELL SURELY THERE ARE AUSTRALIAN KNITTERS THAT WOULD LOVE THESE YOU KNOW YOU LOVED POTTERY WHEN YOU MADE SOME IN JAPAN--

--yeah. This is... an idea. A fun idea. Possibly a crazy idea, but still fun! XD
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With lots of big pictures, posted over here. (Warning: that's a very addictive LJ community if you knit! XD) Also contains two pictures of teh kitteh, investigating my work.

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