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Here is your handy-dandy quick reference to What Mel And Christy Are Up To, writing-wise, in the hopes that it will save our time and yours when you want to know what's up, what's next, are we going to revive X fic, are we making progress, blah blah blah. Please note:

**NAGGING WILL GET YOU NOWHERE.** In fact, nagging is counterproductive: Mel's writing juices positively dry up when she's faced with "write more write faster want want want", and then even Christy with a cattle prod can't keep things going.

Questions about progress on any of the fics listed here will be either ignored, or answered with something very brief along the lines of "check the sticky". Polite questions about anything not listed here by name will get polite answers. Rude questions about anything at all will get a Gundam despatched to stomp your house flat.

*updated 17 November 2014, about 2pm.*

State of the Mel: Directing minions!
State of the Christy: Busy!

State of the Website: Back up at a new provider!

State of the Other Websites: Since the collapse of the old House of Torment site, we've started putting our work up elsewhere. It'll take a while, but we'll eventually have full archives on and AO3.

State of the Writing:

- Hijacked by the plunnyjam!
--- Nurarihyon no Mago fic, Celadon: Up to Chapter 1.
--- Bleach sillyfic, Fight or Foreplay: Up to Chapter 6.
--- GW/Honorverse crossover: Up to Chapter 2.
--- GW/Bleach crossover, Bankai Wing: "Duo and Wufei and Heero and Nemu and Still Ghosts, Oh My" has been posted! Go read it!
--- Log Horizon fic, Respec: Chapter 2 is in progress, about 2/3 done!
Normal service will resume as soon as we can unjam our brains.

- Demon of Justice: Up to Chapter 43.
- Warped Mirrors: Up to Chapter 28.
- Alarums and Excursions: Up to Chapter 14.
- Rebuilding: Paused. We plan to resume it once DoJ is either completed, or at a point where switching between it and Rebuilding doesn't require a full brain reset.
- Viri & Hath: Part 2 started and percolating in Mel's brain. Part 5(?) already written and waiting for its turn.
- Everything Else: Hiding from the bunnies in the back of our heads. Progress is possible but not planned at this time.

[ profile] moon_angelica has created a Demon of Justice epub file that can be downloaded from MediaFire HERE!
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Tagged by Jo!

1. Go to page 77 (or 7, or just hit pagedown 7 times) of your current ms.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.
4. Ignore the fourth line because most of the authors I know online have already done this. XD Anyone who wants to, consider yourself tagged. :)

And of course there's the question, which one counts as my current manuscript? O_o;; Perhaps I should do all of... no, no, if I do this with all my things-in-progress it'll be a post and a half. Two posts. Insane, anyway. Here, you get stuff kind of at random, then, including a fic or two I haven't posted on my LJ before. :P


WM Chapter 25:
Synopsis: c'mon, you know this one. :D

"...I'm checking the closet."

Trowa had been right. It was the least-- hm. ‘Offensive’ wasn’t quite the right word, Heero decided, glaring at the rest of the outfits; none of them were exactly offensive, really. The ones that incorporated lace into their designs came close... Ah. That’s the word I want. It’s the least infuriating choice available.


The Original Thing:
Synopsis: Er... everyone needs to try to write a fantasy novel, right?

Arn laughed, a short mirthless bark, and lifted his stump slightly. "Too late; their favourite warning's already come true." Packrat winced, but didn't leave, and after a moment he managed a thin smile. "It's not like I was getting any rest in there. When they weren't yellin' at me, I was wondering what new use-name I'm gonna get stuck with. Arn the Arm? Lefty?"

"At least you were left-handed already," she offered. If he was determined to verbally poke at his own fresh wound, she wasn't going to try shielding him.


Cats & Dogs:
Synopsis: Ryouga meets Inuyasha's big brother, at a point where Fluffy-sama is having a bad few hundred years.

So... I try not to rub it in, without being too obvious about it.

Yeah. Right. Like I’ve ever managed tact in my life!


I’m disgusting, Sesshoumaru thought, feeling his skin crawl as he realised just how dirty he was. I stink. I probably smell bad enough that even a nose-blind human can tell, and even if I don’t, he only has to look at me to see the wretched state I’m in!


Chibi Evil:
Synopsis: All Dogmatix's fault, like so many of my other fics. ;) Inuyasha meets Detective Conan meets Weiss Kreuz.

They’d fought Naraku in the mountains, in youkai-haunted territory, far from anywhere humans would go without a damn good reason. There hadn’t been a human village for miles, let alone a city. There definitely hadn’t been a city like the one that filled the whole valley, lapping up the hills in waves of bricks and wood, glowing with light and buzzing with sound even from this distance...


Viridan and Hathmelor (Interlude):
Synopsis: World of Warcraft. A blood elf and a worgen meet and become friends. Together they fight crime the Scourge! (And their so-called allies, sometimes...)

"Oh, for--" Hath pushed her away and flopped back onto the camp bed, blade-bearing hand draping across his eyes. "Look. Go talk to Commander Korfax and ask him to tell you about the birds, the bees, the whips, the chains, and the lizards, all right? He--"

"The what?!"

"You heard me. He can explain it to you; it's his damn job to keep us all alive, including stopping us from killing each other."


And just this once, I'm suspending the "no nagging" rule. Feel free to poke me in the comments if you want to see any one of these actually finished sometime soon, n'kay? ;)
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*Mel points upwards*

The top post in my LJ is now a sticky with progress reports on me, Christy, all our major fics, and whatever else occurs to me when I update it. If you are reading this on your Friends page or similar, it won't show up because it's post-dated to 2025 in the interests of keeping it where it is; so, if you have a question about fic progress etc, please click over here and read it before asking. Questions answered in the sticky will not be re-answered elsewhere, so that we can spend more time actually writing the stuff you guys want to read. :)

(I am also tagging this post and the sticky with all my writing tags so that they'll show up for anyone accessing my LJ via a category link. Oooh, technical stuff! :P)
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Wow... still on track! Well, kinda; it's Sunday, but I'm still awake and up from Saturday, so it kinda counts. :) Have some more Conan Rerun. Uni starts again on Monday (eeee!), so I'm gonna be busy, but I'm also going to be trying to keep up with the writing. Wish me luck!

(And give me feedback! Feedback, precioussssss!)

[ --Pause. ] )
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AND - Happy birthday to meeeee~!!! Yup, it's the happy anniversary of my arrival in this world. All shall bow down and worship-- *ahem* never mind. Read some Conan Rerun instead, and leave me some nice detailed comments as my birthday present, n'kay?

(P.S. Mati? You know how you liked the whole 'inner dialogue' thing? You should enjoy this bit, then... X3 )

[ --Restart. ] )
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La la la... short bit this week, sorry. That's just where the bunnies jumped to...

[ --Reset. ] )
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Hmm hmm hmm... I like this part. *evil grin* It's a decent length, too, which is good, 'cause the next bit is likely to be veddy veddy short; then there's a long bit again. Don't blame me for the fact this thing won't fall into nice neat chapters, blame the plunnies that have been feeding it into my brain!

[ --Someone else's end. ] )
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*Mel runs around in little meeping circles*

Feedback! Give me feedback or give me - well, no, not death. Death is boring. Hmmm... aha! Give me feedback or give me ficcage! That way I'll be happy either way. X3

[ --And an end. To some things. July 29th, 2001. ] )
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[ --A different beginning... the beginning of an end. Early July, 2001. ] )
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I seem to write more, faster, and better with a deadline. (NOT nagging, I should point out - nagging makes me pout and sulk and actively avoid whatever it is I'm being nagged to do, even when I think doing it would actually be a good idea. Nagging = bad, n'kay?) So I'm gonna try something...

This is Part One of a fic I started some time ago. Ideas for it have been burbling up in my head ever since, stirred up by my fleet of ever-attentive fic plunnies, but the actual writing keeps stalling. I figure if I post a bit of it in my LJ every week, I'll HAVE to write more to keep up with my self-imposed deadline, right? Right? RIGHT?!

Ahem. Plus you guys can give me feedback. Feedback is nice. X3

Conan Rerun
by Mel the Redcap
inspired by Dogmatix, just like ‘Chibi Evil!’ was (but by a comment, this time, not a pic. Sheesh, you’d almost think she’s doing this on PURPOSE...)

[ --A beginning (of sorts)... ] )

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