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Here is your handy-dandy quick reference to What Mel And Christy Are Up To, writing-wise, in the hopes that it will save our time and yours when you want to know what's up, what's next, are we going to revive X fic, are we making progress, blah blah blah. Please note:

**NAGGING WILL GET YOU NOWHERE.** In fact, nagging is counterproductive: Mel's writing juices positively dry up when she's faced with "write more write faster want want want", and then even Christy with a cattle prod can't keep things going.

Questions about progress on any of the fics listed here will be either ignored, or answered with something very brief along the lines of "check the sticky". Polite questions about anything not listed here by name will get polite answers. Rude questions about anything at all will get a Gundam despatched to stomp your house flat.

*updated 17 November 2014, about 2pm.*

State of the Mel: Directing minions!
State of the Christy: Busy!

State of the Website: Back up at a new provider!

State of the Other Websites: Since the collapse of the old House of Torment site, we've started putting our work up elsewhere. It'll take a while, but we'll eventually have full archives on and AO3.

State of the Writing:

- Hijacked by the plunnyjam!
--- Nurarihyon no Mago fic, Celadon: Up to Chapter 1.
--- Bleach sillyfic, Fight or Foreplay: Up to Chapter 6.
--- GW/Honorverse crossover: Up to Chapter 2.
--- GW/Bleach crossover, Bankai Wing: "Duo and Wufei and Heero and Nemu and Still Ghosts, Oh My" has been posted! Go read it!
--- Log Horizon fic, Respec: Chapter 2 is in progress, about 2/3 done!
Normal service will resume as soon as we can unjam our brains.

- Demon of Justice: Up to Chapter 43.
- Warped Mirrors: Up to Chapter 28.
- Alarums and Excursions: Up to Chapter 14.
- Rebuilding: Paused. We plan to resume it once DoJ is either completed, or at a point where switching between it and Rebuilding doesn't require a full brain reset.
- Viri & Hath: Part 2 started and percolating in Mel's brain. Part 5(?) already written and waiting for its turn.
- Everything Else: Hiding from the bunnies in the back of our heads. Progress is possible but not planned at this time.

[ profile] moon_angelica has created a Demon of Justice epub file that can be downloaded from MediaFire HERE!
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Appropriately enough for an unluckily numbered chapter, a few things are hitting the fan... >:D

Alarums and Excursions, Chapter 13 )
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Man, this one was fun to write. (Yes, yes, I say that all the time. :P)

Alarums and Excursions, Chapter 12 )
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Tadah! Despite tons of anime (and some raiding with our WoW guild), here is Alarums and Excursions, Chapter 11 )
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have we all been good little boys, girls, and internet personae of indeterminate gender? Or have we at least not gotten caught? Good! Santa Mel and Elf Christy have a slightly late present for you!

Have you all toddled off to the new website, to read the backstory? Because here's Alarums and Excursions, Chapter 10. )
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Thanks to Christy's HTML-ing (and swearing), we can haz new website! <-- please go there and let us know if you find anything broken. (Some of the links aren't set up yet, e.g. the Inuyasha and Detective Conan ones, as I actually have to send those stories to Christy before she can add them. :P)

Also, Christy has a new LJ: <-- if you had her old LJ friended, please add her new one so she stops feeling so lonely!

AND... if you would be so good, please go to the first Gundam Wing link on our shiny new website, scroll down to the Alarums Arc, and have a read. Alarums & Excursions Chapter 10 is ready, y'see, and I'll be posting it here very soon. :D

Hrm. :-/

Dec. 22nd, 2011 11:38 pm
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Well, darn. My LJ Plan For Today was to post all the back chapters of Alarums and Excursions for your reading pleasure, as a lead-in to posting the Shiny Brand New Chapter 10. However, my laptop - which has all the ficcage on it - is currently refusing to speak to our internet router. I think they had a tiff or something. I would ask Da Handsome Hubby to mediate in order to bring them to some sort of resolution where they are willing to communicate once again, but he had a damn tiring day at work and napped for hours, so yeah, not bothering him tonight. :P

Also, I have two handmade Christmas presents to finish before Saturday. Eep. Therefore, even if DHH waves a magic wand and miraculously fixes the relationship between various bits of our shiny technology first thing tomorrow before heading off to work (unlikely!), I probably won't have time to do all the posting. I'm sorry. :( I promise to do it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I leave you on a happy note with the news that Christy is currently beating the HTML for our new fic website into shape with a mallet. :3

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