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Gozer: "...look, work with me here, okay?!"
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Handsome Hubby and I made an impulse buy the other day. Four pet yabbies. XD

For non-Australians, a yabby is a small freshwater crayfish. Wikipedia has a good picture of a really pretty one here, though ours aren't nearly that brightly coloured - more pale brown with blue claws and a bluish sheen to the shell.

They're surprisingly fun pets! Hubby is threatening to cook his (they're also delicious) but he knows he's not allowed to touch mine. (I named them. You can't eat something you've named. Well known fact.) They usually don't hide when you approach the tank. Far from it, in fact; one of mine (a big female) will come up to the front glass and do the yabby body language equivalent of "You lookin' at me?! Are you lookin' at me?!" when I get close, and actually kept making lunging motions at Holly-cat while following her around the perimeter of the tank. Perhaps not surprisingly, that's the one that's missing one front claw, probably due to getting into a fight with something bigger than she is. ;P

The bit I'm having the most fun with, though is their scientific name. Cherax destructor.

I'm not kidding. That name needs to be said in the voice of a Monster Truck rally commentator. Cherax DESTRUCTORRRRR~!!!!! XD Seriously, with a name like that, it's no wonder ol' One-Claw has an inflated notion of her own size and fighting ability!

Shiny toy!

Dec. 20th, 2013 07:53 pm
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Okay, I don't do this often, but I just had to mention that I'm having way too much fun with a new app on my iPhone. It's not even a game! It's a scanner app that uses the iPhone camera to make astonishingly good scans of whatever document you point it at. It cost a whole $3 (OH NOES, MAH BUDGET!).

This one, to be precise: TurboScan. I'm currently using it to get high-quality PDF or JPG scans of pages in my fic notebooks - which I can therefore READ, unlike normal pictures of the same pages - email them to myself with a couple of taps, and then put them up on screen next to the Word file I'm typing them into. Much easier than trying to hold/weight/prop the notebook open while typing, and I can also enlarge it to make it easier to read - I write tiny when I'm thinking, and it's always well lit this way even if I haven't turned the light on in my study and am typing by the light of my screen, and and and XD

To show you how well this is working for me, here's a scanned page from a fic you might recognise. ;) (You're not getting a page from any current chapters, because I am a mean spoilsport who is keeping secrets. >:D)


Bear in mind that this scan is:
- enlarged from a smallish notebook page (like I said, I write TINY - the faint grid lines you can make out are 4mm apart in real life, so just over 1/8")
- extracted from one quick snapshot from my phone camera, that was taken at a bit of an angle and self-corrected from the app
- NOT AS GOOD as the program can produce, because sending it to myself as a .jpg and then uploading it to Photobucket and linking it here involved a bit of file-shrinking. Even so it looks pretty damn awesome. ;)
- the app has an uber-scan mode for getting BETTER scans that involves taking three pictures and comparing them. You can get some REAL detail that way!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to wander off taking picture-scans of random bits of text and giggling at the results. ;D
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*wanders in, peering at the laptop she's carrying around the house*

*points glumly up at sticky post, which has a new entry*

*wanders out again, muttering about buying the Japanese light novels so she doesn't have to keep making up headcanon*

…Christy? Hon? DON'T KILL ME. I wrote some more of Harrington-Wing too, I swear!
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Dear Vathara:

You are both awesome and horrible. Awesome, because you write wonderful fics, through which I find new fandoms to enjoy. And horrible, because you write wonderful fics, through which I find new fandoms to enjoy and get plot bunnies for.


Love, Mel.

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Soooo everybody wants their new curtains done in time for Christmas, frequently made out of fabric that holy crap why would anyone think this was going to work for a furnishing item?! Seriously! Today I sewed a sheer curtain out of fabric that snags if you look at it cross-eyed. I hope they don't have cats. (Or kids. Or wear rings. Or have rough nails. Or slightly calloused hands…)

Ahem. Anyway. Didn't come here to gripe about that. (Besides, we got the showroom staff to agree not to sell that fabric any more and the sample has been thrown out HAHA.)

Like I said, everyone wants their stuff done by Christmas (and if you are ordering now, NO. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.) so we're kicking up the overtime and as well as the one extra hour every weekday that has become standard I will be working Saturdays! Yay, money! Boo, lack of free time. Life is compromise. :P Current plan is for us to continue to write, but if I throw a complete wobbly and decide that I refuse to engage any more braincells than are absolutely necessary to sustain heartbeat and breathing during my leisure hours, well… I'll try to be amusing when I tell you about it?
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Sitting here watching Blizzcon, and...

...y'know, the next expansion is all Varian Wrynn's fault.

But Mel! I hear you say. Surely it's Garrosh's fault? Or the fault of the mysterious not-yet-revealed character who's helping him?

Nope. Thrall was about to finish Garrosh off and Varian stopped him. "He is not only yours to punish"? Please. So long as he gets punished (i.e. dead) why does it matter whose hand wields the hammer? It's not like there's any doubt that he's guilty, so the only reason for Varian to demand he be held for trial is so that he can flex his kingly might, posture a bit, and show off. Varian wants a show trial to boost his ego and popularity, distract the human population from the continuing mess in Westfall and Stormwind (dude still hasn't rebuilt his capital city and the peasants are starving, but that new huge statue of him is looking fiiiiine), and keep him in his place as warleader for the Alliance over the other racial leaders. If he's the one who 'brings Garrosh to justice' then clearly he's still the right person to be in charge!

Except not, because Garrosh gets away and starts a whole new mess. Soooooo... yeah. All Varian's fault, AS USUAL.

(Seriously, Anduin, a quiet palace revolution would go down very nicely right now. I'm just sayin'.)
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Well, thanks to April (and the discovery of a good iPhone app that helps with posting pictures!) I've begun putting projects up on Ravelry!

...Starting with the one she used as a chew toy. ;P
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Let's see if my mood stays at "accomplished" through more of this month! :P
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Are you required by some evil feline contract to be occasionally destructive... and only with my stuff? I dunno, you behave beautifully for about five weeks at a time and then BAM, you've lulled us into a false sense of security and I discover you sitting in the wreckage of something I care about. >:(

I opened my study door this morning and found April sitting outside it with a piece of yarn in her mouth. My train of thought went something like this:

"Uh-oh. That's yarn."
"That's my yarn."
"...that's my nice sock yarn that I'm using to knit a kind of complicated shawl thing that represents quite a lot of work for the amount of progress I've made so far damnit cat!!!"

I made sure she hadn't swallowed any first, because. Y'know. Cat owner. Required to be calm and make sure the beastie hasn't harmed herself before getting mad. And then I tracked the trail of massacred yarn bits around the house, leading from the disembowelled project bag in the lounge room (shawl in progress seems fine; very nice circular needle has been fanged just enough that I probably can't fix it), along the hallway, around several corners (yarn chewed into bits that aren't quite big enough to save for anything), to under the bed in the main bedroom (remaining ball of yarn has been divided into three chunks and scrag-kicked hard enough to tangle it into an unsalvageable mess).

I told the hubby that he needs to dock her allowance to buy me replacement yarn. He pointed out that she doesn't get an allowance. I told him he needs to start, so that he can dock it to buy me replacement yarn. :P

ETA: Here, have a link to Ravelry so you can see the project! :P


Nov. 1st, 2013 08:58 pm
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So! Like many other (better, smarter, faster ;P) people out there, the day before yesterday I went "Welp, November's on the way!" and some misfiring brain cell popped up the message "AND NANOWRIMO. GO FOR IT. IT'LL BE FUN."

The braincell lies, people. I know perfectly well that I will fail miserably to meet wordcount (possibly because Christy will kill me if I neglect our ficcing to get more NaNoing in, and I can't count those words towards my total... or can I? *evil grin*) and feel guilty as heck for no good reason.

And yet...

...Canberra's WriMos are going to be holding Saturday write-ins at Max Brenner. Max Brenner, people. Chocolate of the Gods.

Even if I only make it to a few hundred words, I shall at least achieve happy oblivion via chocolate-dipped-strawberries every weekend this month. ;D
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Hey all,

Sorry for the delay in posting more chapters - writing has recommenced but is going slowly.

Yes, recommenced. We stopped for a little while. Why? Well... remember the last info post? "Hey-something-cool-might-be-happening,-can't-talk-about-it-yet," that one?

Yes, I was pregnant.
No, I'm not any more.
Yes, it sucked. I was Really Ill for about three weeks.
Physically? Doing well. All better. Mentally? Getting there, not quite back into writing headspace yet.

I've got lots of support and love here and I'll be fine -- we'll be fine, it was really hard on poor hubby too -- I just figured I was ready to let y'all know. Stuff happened. We're dealing OK. Chapters will eventually show up.
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Wow, I've been slack. :P Sorry if anyone's been wondering or worrying about me - I'm not depressed again or anything (far from it!) I'm just TIRED. We're still doing overtime at work, and it's amazing how much difference to your energy levels one more hour a day makes.

Writing continues, and in fact the next chapter of DoJ will be posted ANY DAY NOW. >:D

As for the rest of my life, well, there's some fairly cool stuff happening that I can't talk about yet that is adding to the "Mel Is Dang Tired" level. If all goes well there'll be a post about that in about six weeks. ;)

Aw, man!

Aug. 19th, 2013 10:04 pm
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Poor Hubby!

The day after my iMac karked it, his died (of completely unrelated causes).

He got a new one on Friday.

...It just died. He is not a happy little Vegemite. :(
melredcap: Cute chibi sketch of me by Asuka (Moi!) one. Ahem. Okay okay I totally texted her on the day and I had a tummy bug so forgot about public squeeage. :P

But yes! It is the birthday (plus one) of my awesome partner in crime and bishy-torture, [ profile] christyonna2! All hail the Christy, without whom I would be largely ficless, completely websiteless, and kinda bummed all told!
melredcap: Cute chibi sketch of me by Asuka (Default) one. Ahem. Okay okay I totally texted her on the day and I had a tummy bug so forgot about public squeeage. :P

But yes! It is the birthday (plus one) of my awesome partner in crime and bishy-torture, [identity profile]! All hail the Christy, without whom I would be largely ficless, completely websiteless, and kinda bummed all told!
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*sigh* My beloved 27" iMac, scene of much World of Warcraft play and naughty fic reading, has died.

One month after the end of my AppleCare warranty. >:( *grumble*

Fic writing shouldn't be delayed -- well, any more delayed than it is already thanks to overtime and me being a slack slacker who slacks -- but DAMN this is annoying!

((Posted from my laptop, which does not handle World of Warcraft well AT ALL.))

((ETA: Because Apple's customer support is AWESOME, they're going to fix my poor baby as if the warranty was still valid. XD See, this is why we use Macs! That, and not having to put up with regular Blue Screens of Death. :P))


Jul. 10th, 2013 09:28 pm
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In a magnificent display of brilliance and HTML (or possibly swearing), Christy has got the site back up! On a new provider, and with our own domain, even!

Please go to to check it out, read any back chapters you might be hankering for, and find any broken links etc that need to be fixed. (Hopefully none!) You can also use our new contact email, , to tell Christy how awesome she is.
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Guess who's now permanent? And has a raise? 8D
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The ow:
Da Handsome Hubby brought home a cold, which I caught in time to be sick all long weekend. Huzzah. I'm now in the middle of losing my voice, and while squeaking like Minnie Mouse is amusing, it's also dang painful.

The yay:
There's a couple of rush jobs coming in at work, which means that overtime pay is GO! From here until the end of the month, I'll be working extra hours on weeknights and Saturdays, which means extra money. Which I could use. ;)

The more ow:
This means writing is kinda stalled. Please do not blame, poke, nag, or message the Christy; this is all my fault. Well, it's the germs' fault for making me sick, and the boss's fault for accepting the big rush job, and partly my fault because a) I accepted the extra hours and b) I am a slack slacker who consistently fails to write if Christy isn't right there to poke me, even when I promise her I will.

The more yay:
We're going to Supanova con in Sydney in a couple of weeks! It will be fun! I shall be wearing costumes (the sewing of which is taking up more time that could otherwise be devoted to writing, er, sorry)! I shall post pictures!

And a little bit of extra yay: Digger omnibus kickstarter WOOT!
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