Jan. 25th, 2016

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Since my last post I have:
- gotten the two x-rays my new rheumatologist wanted (results: good, not much degeneration in the joints checked)
- gotten the TWENTY-FIVE blood tests he also ordered (results: no idea, presumably he will be very informed soon)
- started the aquaponics project I have wanted to do for YEARS (results: Mel is having fun playing with plumbing fittings and water!)

That last bit has resulted in a realisation. Which is, wow I've gotten really good at moderating what I do to avoid messing myself up.

Basically, I don't do stuff if it's going to hurt, as in "no I do not want to go for a five-mile hike thank you," "I walked quite a bit this morning so I will take the car to the shops instead of walking there," "I have made good progress on this craft project but I should stop now," and so on. It's gotten automatic, really, so it's sliding from a thing I do on purpose to a thing I do without thinking about it.

Aaaaaand then I get caught up in a fun project and just Do Things without thinking about whether or not I am overdoing it - not even big things! very minor things! there was shopping and then there was building one little bell siphon! - and then holy cow I am wrecked. Like, ow. Really ow. Ow in all sorts of places.

...but I'm still having fun, so I will be doing more today! Just, er, sitting down as much as possible while doing it, and being more mindful of how I'm bending...

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