Nov. 1st, 2015 06:29 pm
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Well, as time goes on it's becoming clear that whatever else is going on with my stomach, the limits on what I can and can't eat have definitely changed.

I've been back on the strict FODMAP diet for about a month now, and yeah, a few of my symptoms have improved. I used to only react very minimally to lactose - I got some mild gurgles from it if I drank a full glass or more, nothing that actually bothered me, so I didn't actually bother restricting it at all. Now? Well, one of the things that testing has shown is that I am producing virtually no lactase enzyme at all. Normal range is 20-150 (no idea what units they're using). Me? I have four. My dietician says she's never seen levels that low in any of her clients before. So yeah, lactose BAD, as proven by an extremely small serving of icecream that, wow, I shouldn't have eaten. Yeah, the list of things I'll be able to eat on the Diet Of Doom should say lactose-free vanilla ice cream, I forgot to type that in and Da Hubby didn't make the connection and bought the ordinary type and I was still in "oh it doesn't bother me much" mode aaaaaand... wow that was painful. So! No more lactose! At all!

Another thing that I used to eat in moderation is garlic. Garlic (along with onions and a bunch of other tasty tasty things) contains something called Oligos-fructans, and back when I was first working out my possible diet we established that I could have some without suffering. It had to be fresh, not dried, and I did have limits - I couldn't eat French onion soup, for example, or eat anything where the ingredients listed 'powdered vegetables', but I could cook stock with onions and garlic in it and then use that stock to make other stuff, or put a little fresh garlic in a recipe. We're going to have to work out my new limits, and I'm pretty sure they're going to be lower than before... because Hubby went out and got lamb kebabs on Thursday, and he ordered mine with mayonnaise, but he'd ordered garlic sauce and the girl making them put the same sauce on both and because that's the sauce I usually get (and I wasn't paying attention) I didn't really notice until I'd eaten half of it aaaaaand... again, wow, that was painful. I'm still getting stabby twinges three days later. It's entirely possible that my new limit is going to be "haha NOPE".

A'course, even when I am eating strict FODMAP with no accidents, I'm still not doing great in the stomach health department, so this alone isn't going to fix things. I go on the Diet Of Doom after seeing my dietician again on the 11th, and - as I believe I may have mentioned LOUDLY before - I really hope that doesn't turn out to fix the rest of my symptoms. I want to find out what's wrong and fix it, but if I have to choose between "stomach pain" and "insanely restrictive diet" for the rest of my life I am not gonna be a happy little Vegemite. (Which, incidentally, is fine on the FODMAP diet but very VERY banned on the Diet Of Doom.)


This update is brought to you by Da Hubby cooking some absolutely delicious-smelling lamb shanks for dinner, using a recipe base that he remembered I had eaten before without problems, and then finding out that they've changed the fucking formula and garlic is now the first ingredient.

Date: 2015-11-01 12:57 pm (UTC)
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I'm not sure that I've ever rooted for a treatment to not work for someone before, but in this case, I definitely am! Hope things work out for you.

Date: 2015-11-01 01:52 pm (UTC)
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Oh man, here's hoping your docs figure this out soon! This sounds really stress-making to have to deal with, and also so bland it's kind of hard to imagine. No cheese! Doom! Doom is upon us!

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