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Saw my dietician Tuesday, as part of the Things I Have Been Told To Do To Cope Until Whatever This Bullshit Is Gets Fixed.

The good news is that there are two possible likely causes of my current neverending gastric distress! Both can be managed with diet! And even if neither is the cause, finding that out will be more information for my gastroenterologist to use to get a diagnosis quicker! So yay.

The bad news is, holy fuck I'm going to run out of things I can eat.

Possibility #1 is that my IBS may have kicked itself up several notches. To test this out, I have to go on a stricter version of the diet I'm already on for the next three weeks. Annoying, but not a problem. If this fixes my gut problems completely (unlikely) or helps a bit (likely) I'll have to go through all the rigamarole of finding my new limits again, been there, done that, still not a problem.

Possibility #2 is that I may now be reacting to an entirely different set of foods as well as the ones that set off my IBS, because my stomach may have decided it no longer likes salicylates, amines, and/or glutamate. These are naturally found in a whole lot of foods, and - because something out there hates me - the diet you have to follow to avoid them is pretty well the opposite of the diet I have to follow for my IBS. Like, there is ONE fruit (bananas) that is allowed by both diets, and that's only if they're not very ripe. After three weeks on the strict IBS diet I have to add in the avoiding-particular-natural-chemicals diet, and the list of foods I can eat will abruptly get very, very short. (Gotta avoid all the preservatives and artificial colours at the same time, too.)

Perhaps the best way to explain this diet is by quoting one line from the NSW Department of Health website: "As a rule, the tastier a food is, the richer it's likely to be in [these] natural chemicals."

...So. Uh. Dinner's gonna get boring. And I will have to give up tea.

My dietician: "You can still drink coffee!"
Me: "I don't like coffee." ;_;
My dietician: "...You might have to learn to."

I'll just be over here hoping that Possibility #2 is NOT a winner.
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